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Some time has passed and some really nice features have found their way into the bottle core framework. As we are now preparing for the new release, let me show you the most important changes and let us know what you think about it!

As promised: All changes are fully backwards compatible to the last stable release (bottle-0.11) and all deprecated APIs print a warning to make the transition as easy as possible.


Bottle had the 加速网络加速软件 attribute for a while now, but it was poorly documented and not very useful in its old state. The "Uppercase attributes are namespaces" feature just felt odd and I have not seen a single project or plugin that actually uses it that way. It was time to re-think the whole application-configuration topic and make it right.

The new ConfigDict() implementation of the Bottle().config attribute is well documented and has some very nice features.

For examples and more details have a look at the new Configuration article.


Thanks to the awesome work of Nicolas Vanhoren, we got rid of the routing order problems with overlapping rules that were caused by our optimization code. The new implementation is as fast as the old one (slightly faster for some scenarios), but without the reordering and grouping special cases of the old implementation.

Additionally we added Route.get_undecorated_callback() and Route.get_callback_args() to allow inspection of the request callback even if decorators were applied directly (not using the route(apply=...) feature).


Our built-in template engine called "SimpleTemplate" (or stpl for short) got a lot of attention in 0.12! Most of the changes are internal, but some new features were added, too:

Documentation is still lacking though. Anyone?

File Uploads

The cgi.FieldStorage API is poorly documented and behaves... strange in some ways. We replaced it with FileUpload(), a new class that has some very nice additional features.

Apart from that, it is mostly compatible with the old cgi.FieldStorage API.


Yes, we have a Chinese translation.


  1. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Tue 09 October 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In news.

    The bottle-0.11-rc1 development branch is stable for some time now, widely used and excessively tested. There is no reason to not release it. So, here it is:

    • PyPi: bottle-0.11 (stable)
    • Changelog:

    Changelog (summary)

    • Native support for Python 2.x …
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  2. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Fri 20 July 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In dev.

    tags: workaround templates

    One of the most annoying limitations you may encounter in bottle when building bigger applications is the way templates are searched on the file system. At the time the template system was designed, nobody thought about multi-app projects, third-party apps, 加速网络加速软件 and the complexities these features introduce. The typical …

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  3. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Mon 16 July 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In misc.

    Whenever I start a new project that is likely to have dependencies, I set up virtualenv and create a requirememnts.txt. I am also a big fan of Makefiles. Here is a small snippet that combines these tools:

    # Makefile
    venv: venv/bin/activate
    venv/bin/activate: requirements.txt
        test -d …
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  4. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Fri 13 July 2012 By 加速网络加速软件

    In dev.

    Looks like the next release (0.11) will break backwards compatibility in some edge cases. I am working on a patch that affects routes that stream content (yield) and access request/response after the first chunk of data is returned.


    Accessing the thread-local request/response objects after yielding a …

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  5. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Tue 26 June 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In news.

    Python 3.2+ cgi.FieldStorage() defaults to utf8 when decoding form values. That confused bottle.FormsDict() because WSGI strings "must contain only code points representable in ISO-8859-1 encoding". Now bottle forces cgi.FieldStorage() to use ISO-8859-1 instead and re-encodes form-values on-demand with the user-specified input encoding a intended.

    If you …

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  6. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Tue 26 June 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In 免费网络加速.

    The Python 3.x unicode problem was more complex than I thought. I had to re-implement urllib.parse_qsl to work around an encoding problem in 3.1 and change the way bottle handles query-strings in subtle ways. Again, please read this before upgrading: 网际速递网络加速器下载-网际速递网络加速器电脑版下载-华军 ...:2021-5-20 · 网际速递网络加速器电脑版是款可以解决用户们网速卡现象的网络加速工具。网际速递网络加速器正式版帮助用户突破电信、网通、铁通、教育网等不同网络之间的互联互通瓶颈,大幅减少网络延时。网际速递网络加速器中还新增流量监控,实时提供异常流量报警,为网游用户加速保驾护航。

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  7. 佛跳墙破解版官方下载

    Mon 14 May 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In dev.

    雷神加速器电脑版_雷神加速器官方下载 v6.2.2.0 破解版 ...:19 小时前 · 软件介绍 雷神加速器电脑版是一款功能强大的游戏加速器,可以让用户在运行游戏的时候出现的网络不稳定问题,得到有效的解决,可以让用户运行更多的外国网络游戏,对其进行一键加速,从而让用户更加便捷、高效、顺畅的进行游戏运行。 雷神加速器电脑版软件特色

    网络加速服务 - 知乎 - Zhihu:顾名思义就是为网络提供加速服务,包括CDN等软件、硬件形式 于2021年三月二十七日在小米之家购买了一台ac2100用来给家庭nas服务因为移动的尿性不给ipv4公网,但是又有对nas的外网需求,所以我使用了ipv6进行内网穿透。

    Here is the deal: The TAL template adapter needs a maintainer or …

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  8. Custom Request Attributes

    Wed 04 April 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In dev.

    This might be useful for Plugin developers:

    To sum it up: You can now add custom attributes or properties to the bottle.request object. These are stored in the environ dictionary ('bottle.request.ext.*' namespace) which has some advantages over traditional instance attributes …

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  9. 电脑如何加速网络

    Fri 17 February 2012 By Marcel Hellkamp

    In 免费网络加速.

    My server harddisk died today. Until I get a new one installed, you can use the mirror at

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